Cafe by day, pub by night!
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Deja Vu Lounge - the word means something that seems familiar but one is witnessing for the first time! 

As you enter, you can witness a sprawling courtyard with the majestic off-white Hotel Swarn Towers in the background. A spacious area to sit and relax under the sky when the weather is just perfect! The area is cooled by a misting system and coolers so that you're comfortable as you watch a massive LED screen to display all live sporting events! 

Adjacent to the courtyard, is the bar and the main indoor lounge seating section. Instead of a side wall, there is foot to ceiling glass to give our patrons a sense of grandeur and vastness. 

The indoor zone has two private party room called "The Electric Room" and "The PDR". These are perfect for groups of 15-30 people to host private events and parties. 

Deja Vu houses the largest collection of domestic and international liquors in the city (if not the district)! We go the extra mile to make sure that the brands our guests prefer are available. Not to mention the wide range of cocktails/mocktails our expert bar tenders can whip up for you! 

The menu is like looking at an Atlas- we try to bring delicacies food from all over the world on our table. The food is prepared, plated and served in a manner to keep in mind its presentation and the convenience with which the guest can consume the dish. 

Deja Vu is a hub of regular events and hosts artists from all over the country! We have hosted a slew of brands of different genre and DJs to provide continuous events of interest for our patrons. From a mellow acoustic to a thumping dance party to the beats of a talented DJ, we have hosting it all! 

This is the ideal place for all occasions- a cup of coffee, a birthday, a kitty, a dance party and it doesn't just stop there! It's a safe environment in the heart of Bareilly where one can come and unwind without a second thought!